Helping Tech Companies Scale Up Their Cloud Infrastructure


Is your platform starting to buckle under the traffic? Are you tired of constantly waking up in the middle of the night to fight server fires?

Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 4


High demand from users or IoT devices in the field is a good problem to have but scaling up can be difficult. That is where Schematical can help.

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Benefits Scalability


Scale up a lightning fast balanced distributed architecture.

Cost Cutting

Cut hosting costs by using state of the art specialized web services

Benefits Costs
Benefits Security


DDoS attacks getting you down? We have fended off more malicious attacks than we can count. With our help we can keep your site running smooth.

How it works

On Boarding

On Boarding

Each business’s needs are unique. You can sign up for a quick consultation meeting to make sure your needs align with our services(100% money back guarantee).

Once that is done we will custom tailor a proposal that will fit your needs. From there we can hit the ground running advising, overseeing and training your team to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.


We will then work with you to teach you how to use best practices while working with your new development environment.

Run Time

Run Time

There are some things like monitoring stats and alarms, adjusting load balancing, monitoring backups, etc that require tender love and care.

We will work with your team to facilitate security, billing and best practices audit to make sure your platform is 100% optimised.

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Ben Raboine


"Matt's knowledge of AWS is invaluable. He always has an answer to our questions, and warns us of tasks that will take substantial time. He also teaches well so we can do the work ourselves the next time if we choose."

"Matt L is an intelligent and innovative developer that values teamwork, challenges, and solving complicated problems to stay within your budget and timeline."

"Anyone seeking an AWS ninja to scale infrastructure while keeping costs minimized? Can’t say enough good things about consulting."

Ready to scale?

Sign up for Consultation to start learning about how we can help your team scale up your tech stack to handle all that amazing traffic your business deserves

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Option 1: Paid Private Consultation

Want to take a more traditional approach with a private one on one consultation?

We offer a 2 hour consultation where we can do a deep dive into how best to improve your infrastructure and architecture while keeping costs low.

Option 2: Free Public Assessment

We are offering free consultations to anyone that is willing to share their journey with our audience. This is great for early stage startups with limited budgets that still want help achieving their goals.

This means a 60 minute jam session on how to improve your infrastructure/architecture for free as long as you are fine with us recording it and publishing on Youtube and the other various social media outlets.

Option 3: Group Coaching

Just need a little bit of help and are open to a group setting? Bi-weekly group coaching sessions might be an ideal fit.

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