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Benefits Scalability

Terraform Scripts

Want to boot up infrastructure that is ready to scale up or down to handle demand without breaking the bank? Checkout our free opensource Terraform scripts.

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Deploy your Machine Learning Models to Amazon Web Services

Want to deploy your Machine Learning Models to Amazon Web Services with ease? Check out these free opensource scripts on Github


Easy to use

You don't need a fancy degree to get this running. With just a few clicks you can get started running your Machine Learning Models on Amazon Web Services.

Scale up in minutes

The infrastructure created with these CloudFormation scripts can scale up to meet your customer demand in minutes with no manual intervention.

Benefits Scalability
Benefits Costs

Cost Effective

It automatically scales back down during periods of low traffic to save you a lot of money when demand is low.

Terraform Modules

AWS Batch Pytorch Worker

This sets up a cost efficient AWS Batch stack that has GPUs so you can run heavy ML workloads like Pytorch.


This sets up the basic VPC, NAT Gateway, and Internet Gateway, Subnets and Route Tables that your applications need to operate securely on AWS.

AWS Lambda Service

This boots up a lambda service that runs in your VPC complete with security groups and IAM Roles.

AWS CI/CD Build Pipeline and Code Build

Sets up an entire CI/CD flow using Code Pipeline to listen for commits from Github then push that to CodeBuild to build / test your application before deploying it.

AWS APIGateway Environment

Sets up an APIGateway stage for your specific environment. This will allow you to proxy requests to your various services running in AWS.

AWS CloudFront

Sets up a CloudFront distribution with ACLs, origins, and points a route53 record at it.

AWS ECS Service

Sets up an ECS Docker Service.

AWS Batch Pytorch Worker(CloudFormation)

The infrastructure created with these CloudFormation scripts can scale up to meet your customer demand in minutes with no manual intervention.

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